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Sadie Nix “Same Song” on Currently Listening To Series

Artist Spotlight on @sadienixofficial Sadie Nix! Sadie’s music is mature, upbeat and has a great vibe. Check it out and support her journey!

​Sadie Nix is an up-and-coming pop/alternative artist currently based in Brighton. With a mature, confident style and a refreshing perspective, she is quickly becoming one of the most exciting new names in the music industry!

​Deep-rooted in Sadie Nix’s artistry is a lifelong passion and appreciation for music. She has always been drawn to the unique powers of music, whether it be to mend a broken heart or unify a crowd of 80,000 people. Born into a military family, Sadie’s childhood was nomadic and so is her music influences ranging from David Bowie, Dolly Parton, Prince and Taylor Swift.

Sadie starting writing and singing at an early age but her life took a different path from music and as such Sadie’s career as an artist has only just recently been born out of the pandemic. During the downtime of quarantine Sadie was able to take the time to truly focus on writing and recording her own music. Starting her music career at the age of 38 means that Sadie Nix’s music has a distinct maturity and confidence to it. Unlike many of the younger artists that are popular today, Sadie Nix’s music does not have superficial references to late nights or big parties. Rather, her lyrics have a genuine and authentic feel that adds a unique depth to her music. Her age also allows her to draw on a lifetime of experiences, opening up a wide breadth of topics, themes, and messages for her music to explore. As a result, her music will truly resonate with those who are looking for a deeper, more authentic sound than anything else in the industry, and with those who are listening to enjoy music at its purest.

​Currently, Sadie Nix is working to prepare for the release of her much-anticipated debut album “Friends Get You Killed” in Summer 2022, as well as the release of her new single “Same Song” on May 27, 2022. Driven by her desire to truly connect with her own love for music, Sadie Nix is ready to deliver passionate vocals and genuine performances each step of the way.

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