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Grace & Gravity

Your new album "Grace & Gravity" introduces drums to your ethereal soundscapes. How did this addition evolve the signature sound of BlackieBlueBird, and what inspired this change?

We had released two drumless albums, so we thought maybe it’s time to add some changes to the third one. Although drumless I think our songs always has had a pulse to them. You automatically nod your head while listening. With the drums we have enlarged that feeling. Now there’s more of a body to it and it seems as if it has been appreciated out there..

With Tomas Ortved contributing as the drummer, how did his style blend with the melancholy and romanticism that pervades your music?

He’s an old friend of mine, and I have always admired his lightness, taste and style of drumming, so it was pretty easy to incorporate him into the soundscapes. Sometimes his drumming may even inspire the composition on top! 

"Grace & Gravity" explores themes of desire, love, life, and losses. How have these themes evolved in your music over the three albums, particularly with the nuanced writing of Nils Lassen?

Oh that’s a hard one to answer in writing;). The themes that you mentioned are kind of a part of a timeless human experience and therefore always relevant to write about. We are all in the same boat on those ones. So if everyone in the world can relate to this, we just go deeper and variate for each song - it’s a very fulfilling poetic universe to roam around in.

Your sound has drawn comparisons to Nick Cave's "Murder Ballads" and Enya. How do you feel about these comparisons, and do you see their influence in your music?

When those comparisons turned up in a review in the same sentence, we had a bit of laugh, because no one of us listens to these artists. And it just got stuck in a press release. I’m sure those artists are worth giving a go, but I’m afraid privately we are listening to some different playlists.

Heidi's unique and clear vibrato seems to be a focal point in your songs. Can you share some insight into how the vocal arrangements are crafted to intertwine with the melancholy instrumentation?

She’s a natural ! She can’t open her mouth singing without something wonderful comes out.

I feel very lucky, when I sit next her during sessions and evolve the arrangements with her. Something is planned and obvious, but she has an element x to her singing, that is always very giving during sessions.  And we laugh a lot when we are together, and that reflects on the music in a positive way somewhere under the melancholic surface.


When did you start studying/writing music and do you have an instrument of choice?

I’m a late bloomer, proudly selftaught and the guitar is my weapon of choice…

I know your fans would love to hear how they can interact with you. Is there a way you

prefer to connect with them?

Please feel free to contact us via the usual SoME channels. The other day I got a nice message from a girl in Delhi, India who loved the songs very much. It made my day!

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