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Produced by a Girl aka DJMEK, Mary Knoblock, is an Open format EDM Composer. She has over 150 compositions registered to her name and a handful of albums under her Produced by a Girl name: Soul DM, Once Upon Forever and Electrify. She is currently the Founder, CEO and Music Executive running Produced by a Girl and empowering women in the music industry all over the globe.



Currently PBG has had no press releases to date. She has been instead working to use her platform to create positive press for female artists, producers and djs in the industry. From her podcast to promoting women in the music industry on her socials, she's built a thriving community that brings press and positive awareness to PBG brand artists and PBG community members daily offering them a safe inclusive space in the industry to be spotlighted.



PBG has three albums out currently on all streaming platforms: Soul DM, Once Upon Forever and Electrify. She is currently working on her latest endeavor; compilation albums with artists all over the globe. Her first compilation album will drop end of Summer 2021.


PBG Platform

Mary Knoblock, founder of Produced by a Girl, started the Produced by a Girl platform, movement and gateway for artists while signed as a dj/producer for A&R development to Andre Williams in 2019. As PBG grew, it spans over 25 avenues in the digital sphere with opportunities for sync, distribution and now publishing by Produced by a Girl via The Stachehaus. She is now signed to The Stachehaus under Music Executive Andre Williams and utilizes her opportunity to empower female artists in the industry.

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