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"EMMROSE effortlessy emits a dreamy vocal wonderland of lovers heartache tales and truly makes her mark in the music industry; expect positvely wonderous music from her career. Definately one to listen to forever." Produced by a Girl

THE QUEEN OF TEEN HEARTBREAK EMMROSE DROPS A CLASSIC WITH HER NEW SINGLE “THE GALLOWS” Photo: Chloe Gifkins BROOKLYN | April 22, 2022, Emmrose, an eighteen-year-old singer-songwriter who in 2019 became an unofficial Queen of Teenage Heartbreak with her hit Indie-Pop songs “Tonight” and “It Takes Me Back”, releases her new heartbreaker for hopeless romantics everywhere, “The Gallows” on April 22, 2022. “The Gallows” is the artist's lament of old loves and her quiet surrender for how they still haunt her. “That’s where I’ll be, Lost in the shadows, Hung in the gallows” Like many of her songs, the lyrics tell a story, and in this particular song, she takes us on a walk with her when she passes a past love on the street holding hands with another, and they give not much more than a glance in her direction. The scene immediately whisks the listener away in Emmrose’s signature layered vocals drenched in synths, a melodic bassline, autoharp, acoustic guitar, and drums. I was by myself Walking down Park Avenue Then I’m overwhelmed Must be cursed to always run into you Was I wrong to expect An ounce of civility Guess you moved on Is that your girlfriend sure she’s real pretty Emmrose explains, “I was walking down a street in NYC, saw my ex-boyfriend holding hands with a girl, and it was not even a busy street, right by a park. It was just that moment that the song was born, because of the way he walked right by me, with no real acknowledgment, and seemed to give me a glare while passing by. No matter where I go or how I try and move on from the people of my past- their ghosts keep following me, and always at the worst moments. It can honestly make me feel so paranoid, always thinking that these horrible people will always be there, no matter how much you change and no matter the new good people you surround yourself with.” My favorite line in the song is the second verse: I’m just tired Of being ignored By old lovers Who can't stand the scars I love the visual of having these real marks on someone, in this case, a metaphorical "scar" or a "bruise", because I think the symbolism of how our past relationships hurt us is really powerful. The writing process for The Gallows was pretty simple, I had some lyrics and a melody in mind that I wrote on the way back from my house, so I sat down at the piano, found the chords, and wrote the rest of the song. I recorded the song with my producer Mike Abiuso who created the dreamy "Strawberry Field's" type vibe with the mellotron, synths and layered backing vocals. ABOUT: Emmrose is an 18-year-old singer songwriter currently attending college in NYC who has been performing and releasing music since the age of 14. Her debut EP Hopeless Romantics was released one week before New York City entered the covid lockdown of 2020, and with all of her shows cancelled, she decided to perform weekly live streams from her home where she connected with thousands of kids in the world who took refuge with her music. Two years later, she has released 15 singles and her EP Hopeless Romantics won Best Pop Album in the 2020 WAM Awards. In May of 2020 her single “The Grass Was Greener” was placed on two Spotify Editorial playlists, a surprising event due to the fact that the entire recording and production had been done remotely during the COVID lockdown in NYC, with Emmrose in her Manhattan bedroom and her producer Mike Abiuso working in his Brooklyn apartment. Emmrose is a Groover Obsessions Artist, signed to Secret Road Music services for sync licensing, and her single “Waitlisted” aired on MTV’s Teen Mom in November of 2021. WHAT

THE PRESS SAYS: Clout Magazine, Feb. 22, 2022 “Emmrose has been an artist who has been on our radar for a while now, and her thoughtful and powerful brand of indie-pop makes her an easy person to root for. The latest addition to her catalogue is the empowering new release ‘Run’. An anthem for anybody who is or has been trapped in toxic or abusive relationships. There is a heightened sense of intensity both within the music and the lyrics that really establishes this sense of urgency and immediacy, imploring people to take their power back and do it now. The track itself is a rousing and engaging listen, boasting a synth-heavy, electronic sound that feels as captivating and memorable as it does cathartic.” Uranium Waves, Oct. 21, 2021 “Emmrose is more stunning than ever in this latest track "Thorns". Her voice is to be praised for its clear tremolo and the accuracy of the notes. This perfect performance does not lack style though. It is characterized by beautiful poetry that greatly participates in the chemistry between the artist and her audience.

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