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Currently Listenting to "Through" by Rebecka Larsdotter

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

Rebecka Larsdotter is a vocalist, instrumentalist, songwriter and storyteller. Her music reflects her love of improvised and instrumental melodies and rhythms, combining her roots in jazz with modern Pop and EDM elements and her unique style of captivating, sensitive lyrics.

"Multi instrumentalist from the wilds of Sweden shows us there's more than death metal up there as she fuses singer/songwriter with jazz vocal for an intimate experience that you can relate to even if you haven't had a load of worldly experiences at a young age like she has. As much a later Joni Mitchell as a Bjork, you can easily hear this in college dorms that once echoed with Rickie Lee Jones." - Midwest Records"

Larsdotter's innate gift to move from singer to vocalist to storyteller all while transcending genre for an eclectic offering that displays a magnificent grasp of the connectivity with an audience required to move her to the front of the pack when it comes to emerging young talent." - Critical Jazz

"We are creatures experiencing life on Earth, and there is nothing greater than a heart touched by feeling through maybe a song" - RL

`Through´ ; that relationship that you know is not good for you but you keep anyway because you are afraid what will happen to the other person if it ends. Promises made, to have and to hold, even through times when you were told to be “through” . The feeling of having given your all, and being nothing, yet everything , as you are free. This is what birthed `Through´ . A pop meets r-n-b meets electronic dance music track featuring fusion master guitarist Oz Noy , produced by Larsdotter herself along with Xavier Taplin (TOTO , Prince) and Tony Austin . An un-official video, released on May 20th, was filmed in various parts of Los Angeles, highlights the themes of the lyrics and supports the story of the song, bringing the brighter version of the story to the audience.

Born and raised in the forest of Sweden, music was a big part of Rebeckas life from the very start. Playing violin, piano, and singing from the age of 4, Rebecka chose to make Music her full time life in 2002 by taking on a Masters Degree in Music from Örebro and Malmö University of Music. Upon graduating in 2008, Rebecka moved to the US (Los Angeles, then New York) to pursue her passion for songwriting and performing. Diving into both the straight ahead jazz world, interpreting standards along with composing her own songs,

Rebecka has found her home in the mix of improvisation, melodies, rhythms, and captivating lyrics. Her 2016 album 'Whirlwind' was applauded by well respected Jazz blogs including Jazz Journal, Jazz Weekly, and All About Jazz. Her new single ‘Through’ sees Rebecka Larsdotter continue to venture into the world of pop and dance, and delivers it at the highest standard. This tune is also a part of Larsdotters full album, to be released in summer 2022 .

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