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Currently Listening to Wuzy Bambussy ‘Yesterday’s Shoes’+ Interview

What inspired the title and theme of your new single, 'Yesterday's Shoes'?

So the title came about through a recognition that even subconsciously we repeat our history and actions. It encompasses the sense of Deja vu and feeling of past lives that form our current character. There’s also a Goddess vibe to the track. It’s nice to bring a touch of the Arcane and magic to an often mundane world.

How does the synergy between indie and pop elements shape the sound of Wuzy Bambussy?

Nikolai: It’s a style that naturally fits us as a duo. Kat has a remarkable voice for pop, she has an accessibility that all the great singers have. We love the attitude and spirit of independence in what is ultimately a pretty ugly cattle market business. We want to bring big hooks and songs that stir the soul but hopefully without the bland cheesiness that so much modern pop churns out.

Kat, your ethereal vocals are a standout. How do you approach the vocal aspect to blend with the band's unique sound?

Kat: Thanks! Nik always has a clear vision for how he would like me to approach the vocals for each track. Equally, there is always room for me throw my own twist on things. Being able to bounce ideas off each other is so important and I’m very lucky that we have a great relationship where there is never any judgement on the next wacky idea, whether it’s good or bad.

With a commitment to monthly releases throughout 2023, how has your music evolved from the first to the sixth single?

Nikolai: So all of this batch of 10 singles were actually recorded and finalised before this release schedule. Most are songs that have been on the drawing board for some time, which probably explains the diversity in style. We’re currently writing new material at a frantic pace now, the results of which are definitely more of a similar leaning, so we’re finding our sound and know what we want now.

Receiving worldwide praise, how does the international reception impact your music-making process?

Kat: Motivation ebbs and flows. That’s totally normal. But knowing there are people dotted around the globe that enjoy listening to us, well that just feels amazing. It really makes you want to create more!

Nikolai: I mean it’s nice to hear, primarily it fires us up to continue on our path, to not let time slip away and to keep releasing songs regularly. I had a crisis of confidence after we mastered these songs and actually sat on them for some time, getting down on myself. So to now receive positive feedback is a nice validation that in life you just have to silence your demons & go for it.

General Questions

When did you start studying/writing music and do you have an instrument of choice?

Nikolai: I’ve been tinkering with music since childhood, I had a tiny drum machine and a cheap keyboard as an 11 year old making electro beats. Drums was the instrument that I’d class as my primary instrument, that’s the instrument I’ve always gigged and recorded with in bands.

Who are you inspired by?

Warm hearted people, our friends, neighbours and family, I admire a lot of producers, songwriters and singers for their vision and the food they’ve nourished my life with. On a grander scale I’m inspired by those that seek to bring truth and justice to light, to hold to account the greedy & corrupt that saturate our governments across our globe.

Please explain your creative process.

Nikolai: It can vary really, sometimes I hear a turn of phrase I really like and that forms the basis for a lyrical idea. Sometimes I’ll wake up in the middle of the night and grope for my phone to hum an idea before it flies out the window. Sometimes it starts with a beat, sometimes a bass line, there’s always a spark. A friend of mine quoted a musician who said “it’s finished when you can’t hear anything wrong with it any longer” and that’s stuck with me.

What’s an average day like for you with music?

Nikolai: I try and never have a day when there isn’t some form of music related activity. So whether it’s writing, recording or interviews or a social media update or emailing the newest release out to fresh contacts. Today I’ve written 2 verses lyrically, handled 2 interviews and sent Kat a few updated mixes, plus the lyrics and mp3 demo of a new tune, so not too shabby decent productivity-wise! Also I tend to go through periods of intense creativity where the songs keep coming and coming, I realise these times don’t last forever so I jump in. Then I realise the muse is spent and I step back, recharge and concentrate on other areas.

Is there a hidden meaning in any of your music or deeper meaning you want your fans

to know?

Nikolai: They all mean different things to me, but to be honest I’m happy for folks to interpret them in whatever way means something to them, I don’t wanna kill anyone’s buzz by saying no it’s not about that! I’ve read reviews where people have said this is what the song is about, and I’ve been like ‘oh yeah! I didn’t consider that but that’s cool’. Personally speaking I always preferred the musicians that had an air of mystique, that left areas of their lives private.

Do you collaborate with others in the studio? What is that process like?

Nikolai: For certain instrumentation, we got some session musician folk to record remotely, we had 3 musicians recording brass & string sections on the last group of songs. Iggy who plays guitar lives in the same town as me, we record together at mine regularly then head for celebratory beverages at the local micropub.

I know your fans would love to hear how they can interact with you. Is there a way you

prefer to connect with them?

Kat: Send us a dm on Instagram. We are always checking our messages there. Feel free to say hi! We are also on Facebook

Nikolai: Yeah, I probably use Instagram more than any other social at the moment. Twitter I only actually signed up for in March, by which time Musk had already got his weird little claws on it and was busy bollocksing it right up in every conceivable way. So yeah I’m on insta @wuzy_bambussy and Kat is there also on @katmusic_ so come and say hi.

What is your favorite part about this line of work?

Nikolai: For me I’ve pretty much cut out the sides of the music business I don’t enjoy so really, everything remaining I enjoy immensely. I was never keen on gigging and touring tbh. I find it very boring and time consuming. It’s easy to see why drink and drugs become so prevalent, because it’s so tedious and repetitive, the whole human jukebox routine. I’d do it for Bambussy but only if it became an impossibility not to play live. I have no interest whatsoever in trawling round half empty, disinterested pubs & venues, that’s a real phobia for me, it’s just far too much energy, time & emotional expense. Nah, We’ll just keep writing & releasing our songs, we’ll worry about taking them out live another day!

What’s your favorite performance been and why?

Kat: Matinee is definitely a firm favourite. This was one of the first tracks we collaborated on and I really felt we found our unique sound together on this one. It’s funky but dreamy and a great summer bop. I feel happy whenever I sing Matinee!

What advice would you have for someone wanting to follow in your footsteps?

Nikolai: I would say make sure your songs are the best they can be. Take your time and build a great repertoire. Get them recorded as well as you can, then don’t be afraid to add to your recordings, replace tracks if they aren’t working, add sparkle, remix if required, your recorded output is what you’ll ultimately be judged upon.

For us the small bite size regular releases have been an important way of attempting visibility on a consistent timescale. We had an albums worth of great material, yet we specifically chose to release them individually as singles for 10 months. Had we done an LP as an unknown act it would have sunk and we’d likely not be doing this interview with you now, so think carefully about your release schedule.

I would also say not to wait for the imaginary industry godmother to come and sign you to the perfect deal, it ain’t gonna happen. All the necessary distribution infrastructure is available to all musicians now. So get your music out there independently and most importantly - work it!

Do you have any big projects or shows, tours coming up after your album releases?

Nikolai: So the live thing I covered previously, there’s no current plans. Really our next big project is our first long player which we hope to release next summer, in between then there’s a couple of 3 track EPs we’re looking to release.

What are you working on next?

Nikolai: Next up is our 7th single called ‘Just Shy of Why’ that’s seeing the light of day on October 11th. It’s a big road movie of a song, huge rocking choruses, big slapping brass and a pumping rhythm section that’s strong enough to jiggle any truckers mullet.

What does the term Produced By a Girl mean to you?

Kat: It means celebrating woman, all that we achieve, and much more. It’s empowerment! If we don’t fight for ourselves, no one will.

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