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Currently listening to ‘Waiting’ by Aloosh

“Take us to the London Underground and let us hear the pulse of the city. I guarantee you will find Aloosh there, lighting up the music halls with incredible lively music filling our heart and souls with the art of making music.”

Artist Spotlight on the incredible London band Aloosh 🎶🎵⭐️@naturescene_music were created when Jodie Scantlebury and Alastair McNeill

met on the 2008 Roisin Murphy World tour, filling the void of

post-tour emptiness with their self-titled wonky pop EP. They

formed a four piece band, handpicked, with drummer Joshua

Blackmore of then Jazz power trio Troyka and bass player Max

Taylor of Indie legends Clor. Going from ones to watch, to radio

tastemakers favorite, they famously threw party gigs in secret

London locations building a hardcore fanbase, releasing another

full length album and a scrics of singics with remixcs, changing

bass player and then finalizing that stage of their career at a big

stage slot at Secret Garden party,

Now the lockdown enforced break from Jodie's session singing career with artists like Royal Blood and Liam Gallagher and

Alastair's producing career gave space for some new songs to appear. *Waiting' is the first single from the mini E.P 'Another

Breakup'. A track ahout the need for something that will never arrive and the longing of imagination that keens people together.

The breakup album is a reunion and a mature new cooler sound from the band, retaining a trip-hop dark tinge. While Josh

remains a member; this song adds Giom, smooth drummer from Prep and the addition of vocal duet Toby Couling and Lydia

Clowes, all great artists in their own right.

Remix from Slovenian D.J Raketa:



Composed and Produced by Alastair McNeill

Written by Alastair McVeill and Jodie Scantlebury

Recorded @ Press play studios & Nature Scene studios

Engineered by Andy Ramsay & Alastair McNeill

Mixed by Alastair McNeill @ Nature Scere Studios

Mastered by Guy (@ Electric Mastering

Vocals - Jodie Scandlebury

Electric Guitar / Bass / ambience - Alastair McNeill

Drums - Giom

Backing Vocals - Toby Couling, Lydia Clowes

Artwork - Mikina Dimunova

Colour grade / animation - Jure Anzicek

Photography - Urska Preis! Blackandsigi

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