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Currently Listening to “The Walls” by Hila Rabby

Artist Spotlight on Hila Rabby! @hilarabby Hila Rabby. ⭐️🎶🎵She is a singer, lyricist, composer, and keyboard player born in Israel. Currently based in Tel Aviv/New York.

“The Walls” is a fantastic foray into psychedelic indie and the cool vocals and rhythms stir up a jazz like feel and leave us all discovering a new world together in Hila’s latest stirring single “The Walls”.

Hila’s first single, “Spaceships” from her debut album, was released in

February 2022, and her second single “The Walls” will be released in April 2022. In her album, which will be fully released in 2022, Hila presents original music that finds a delicate balance between the warmth of her vocals and exciting electronic arrangements, between psychedelic sounds and lyricism.

Hila began singing and playing piano at the age of six and has since developed and strengthened her unique artistic sound through studies at the Charles E. Smith Jerusalem High School for Arts, Tel Aviv Conservatory, and The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music in New York City.

The combination of the airy yet precise tone of her voice and vulnerability in her expression draws in the listener, which has brought her recognition including university scholarships, as well as becoming the youngest singer to be chosen as the lead vocalist in the Israeli Big Band in Tel Aviv.
Part of her artistic vision is to strive to create the kind of art that will make people feel and not think, going beyond our immediate tendency to categorize music as good or bad, or under a specific genre. Hila graduated from the New School University for Jazz and Contemporary Music in NYC in May 2020, receiving the “John Coltrane Award for high caliber performer/composer/improvisers.

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