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Currently listening to “Revelation” by Nsee aka Nadav Cohen.

Artist Spotlight on Nadav Cohen, 22, from Israel, is a composer by birth. He influenced by many musical styles, classical music, Israeli music and even rock bands like Metallica and System of a Down. He began his musical career at the age of 17 as a keyboardist in an Israeli rock band. After enlisting in the army he began to study musical production. Today, Nadav releases songs and Instrumental music that contains elements from the world of classical music, rock music, electronic music and more.

Nadav's first single "Sea of Tranquility" reached 60,000 listens and over 22,000 monthly listeners in just two months. In addition, he played many radio stations around the world and was even published in reputable blogs on the network.

Nadav's single "Underwater" has hit two official Spotify playlists and since then Nadav has joined another large number of impressive playlists.

Nadav also composes music for series and movies around the world.

We’re honored to Spotlight bros who support Produced by a Girl. His music is striking and at the same time simple and light. I definitely encourage checking out his music journey!

Created via Musosoup learn more by visiting the website above. #sustainablecurator

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