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Currently listening to “If Only” Piano Ballad Version by The Art Crimes Band

Artist Spotlight on 🎶⭐️🎵The Art Crimes Band with a special highlight on Grace McMahon (Vocals) & Katie O’Donnell (Piano) as we totally enjoy the inspiration behind jazz piano love ballad ‘If Only’ @theartcrimesband

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Filmed and recorded especially in honour of International Jazz Day, Grace McMahon (Vocals) & Katie O’Donnell (Piano) from The Art Crimes Band offer a new and intimate performance of their 2015 jazz love ballad 'If Only’.

Niall Dennehy (drums) explains about the decision to strip the song back to just vocals & piano. “Originally on our 2015 album ‘Radio’ the song was performed as the full group but for all this time we felt it just sounded so much more sincere with just piano and vocals. I got goosebumps hearing Grace & Katie record it”

The Art Crimes Band have officially celebrated International Jazz Day on various occasions in the past marked with live shows in and around their hometown Cork City. However while still on hiatus from live shows to focus on studio recording and as Jazz lovers the group didn't want to miss this chance to be officially a part of Jazz Day by releasing If Only, their third studio single of 2022.

Guitarist Stephen Kirby reflects on the band's live show hiatus: “Recording is so much fun and we’re very proud of our output. That said, nothing beats the up-close and personal experience. We can’t wait to get back out there, see you there.”

The band’s first album Radio on the SUGO Music record label in 2015 reflected a group still searching for their groove. Following on from last year’s ‘In The Dark Of The Evening’ and ‘Guy Like You’ in 2022 plus with a fresh studio album in the works they have solidified a firm foundation in the R&B/Soul sound under which they are right at home. As Llewelyn Screen of The A&R Factory writes: “The Art Crimes Band make the type of music that hugs you close and doesn’t let go”.

Band members include Gary Baus (Alto Saxophone), Stephen Kirby (Guitars), Niall Dennehy (Drums & Percussion), Grace McMahon (Vocals), Tim O'Leary (Bass), Katie O’Donnell (Piano & Keyboards).

Created via Musosoup learn more by visiting the website above. #sustainablecurator

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