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Currently Listening to ‘Cool’ by Pop Artist Mia Delmar & Interview

Produced by a Girl Artist Interview - 

Mia Delamar


Artist Spotlight on rising Pop sensation Mia Delamar!

“With the talent of a pop star Mia effortlessly sings ‘Cool’ and leaves us all in awe of her musical power as an artist. Definitely on the rise.” Produced by a Girl

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Hailing from Conyers Georgia, Mia Delamar is a soulful-pop sensation with clear roots in R&B. With grooving basslines riding underanth Mia’s free-flowing vocal, ‘Cool’ is a glowing single which comes wrapped in pop hooks and versatile counter melodies. Mia’s vocal performance shows her progress since her Focus EP, with ‘Cool’ offering a more well-rounded and mature sound.

The 23 year old artist has been singing since her youth, with music being at the core of family traditions. Discussing early songwriting, Mia explains:

“Music has always been a part of who I am. I knew it was for me. I started writing songs at eight and wrote my first good song at nine. I’ve been writing for a very long time and it’s something that comes very naturally to me. With music, I don’t have to force anything, it just feels right. I have a God-given gift and I intend to use it to my best ability.”

Taking influence from Mary J Blige, Ariana Grande, and Aaliyah, Mia Delamar has a clear sound of her own which is underpinned by her latest venture, ‘Cool’. Written during the Covid-19 pandemic, The single reflects the turbulence of love and not letting lost relationships determine your worth and value.


Hi! What inspired Cool?

Cool was written as apart of a writer’s challenge I made for myself. During the beginning of the pandemic when the world was on lock down, I gave myself the task of writing as many hits as I could. I coined this challege “Quarantine Chronicles”. Cool was birth out of this time. I heard the beat and the words just flowed out of me. I didn’t have any intention when I wrote it other than writing something and then as the words came I began imagine how I would respond if someone who didn’t see my worth and value tried to come back in my life. I wanted to write about having confidence, being secure and strong in who I am and not accepting the bare minimum; knowing I’m worth being seen the first time. 

What was the first song you wrote in your youth where you knew music would be your life? 

The first song I wrote that could truly bne considered a song was “Stick & Stones”. I was going through what most kids go through in gradeschool, bullying. So I out how I felt in a song. I wanted to encourage myself that no matter what people said about me I wouldn’t be broken by their words, I would keep going. I always knew music would be my life the writing of my first songs solidified it. 

What’s your favorite memory so far of being an artist?

My favorite memory is something that happened this year, which was shooting my first two music videos. It was amazing to see everything come together and my team is absolutely amazing. We shot two music videos in less than 48 hours. Though we were tired, we got the job done. It was a great experience. I’m excited for what’s next. 

What are you most excited about for the next year with your music? 

My next single “Silly” is releasing in November along with its visual and that will be followed by another project. I will have many more performances on the horizon as well and I can't wait to share it with you all.


What drew you to the music industry and what has your journey been like?

I’ve been singing as long as I could speak and my singing journey began in church. I watched some of the greatest voices I know worship God in the purest form every Sunday with the gifts they were given and I always dreamed about the day I would lead Praise & Worship and be just as confident in my gifts as them. Any chance I got to sing, I took it and ran. I’ve always known music was for me and that I would spend my life creating it. Although I’ve been doing music since I was a kid, my journey is just beginning. All the years of training, writing a million songs, dancing until my legs can't anymore have prepared for a time such as this and I have so much opportunity ahead of me. I can’t wait to see what The Lord does. 

When did you start studying/writing music and do you have an instrument of choice?

I started writing when I was in elementary school around the age of ten and I also began to teach myself how to play the piano. My first couple of songs were birthed out of my self-taught piano skills so my instrument of choice is piano. However, I’m currently learning how to play the guitar as well which is quite a task with my nails. I attended college at Belmont University where I majored in Commercial Music Voice Performance and minored in Dance. In my program we were required to take piano as well as many music theory, aural skills, styles, music analysis and performance classes. Although very difficult, college is where I truly got to study and master my craft and it made me the musician I am today. I graduated with my Bachelor of Music during the helm of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Who are you inspired by?

Musically, I’m inspired by those that changed the industry with their art, such as Missy Elliot. She is one of the most iconic musicians of all time. From visuals, to creativity and style, Missy set the tone for many to come. I am also greatly inspired by Beyoncé. Her work ethic is immaculate and I appreciate how much she values the art, the vision and the dedication to a full body of work. Both of these artists push me to keep writing, keep putting me in everything I do and be unapologetic about it. Human-wise, I’m inspired by Viola Davis. I want to be able to convey a message through the screen as pure, raw and beautiful as she does and one day I will. 

Please explain your creative process.

Normally, I write at 2AM or 3AM. During that time my creativity flows. Sometimes I’ll catch a phrase in my head that I need to expound upon or hear a beat I want to write to. Usually I write a song in its entirety the first round. On other occasions, I may write a verse and chorus or even just a hook and come back to it later. Whenever I don’t write a song all the way through when I first start writing it, it just means the song is not meant for me to finish at that time and eventually, I come back to it. I would say my creative process is random and sporadic at times. I have to be in the mood to create or intentionally set apart time to create. 

Do you collaborate with others in the studio? What is that process like?

As a writer, I love when great minds can come together to create beautiful masterpieces. However, when I’m in the studio I prefer to be alone for my projects. I love to push my self and and see how I can write different materials. I believe God has given me everything I need to be successful. The lyrics are in me, the melodies are in me. I just have to be willing to write them down. I love for my works to be completely and authentically me. 

I know your fans would love to hear how they can interact with you. Is there a way you

prefer to connect with them?

Yes! I’m always answering Instagram (@thereal_miadelamar) DM’s and comments. I would love to connect them there. 

What is your favorite part about this line of work? 

My favorite part is doing what I love and performing. I love to be on the stage and giving it all. It’s an unreal feeling. As an actress and dancer as well, performance is a big part of who I am as an artist and I’ve been performing for the majority of my life. Pageants, dance recitals, stage plays, gigs; these are all things I’ve been doing since I was a toddler and they all contribute to the performer I am now. 

What advice would you have for someone wanting to follow in your footsteps?

Just do it. I know that's kind’ve cliché, but it’s factual. If God has placed gifts inside of you, it is your job to share those gifts with the world. Not sharing them would be a disservice to yourself and to who God made you to be. This walk… making art and pouring yourself into this work is hard, it’s scary and it is so easy to get discouraged comparing your journey to others. But you have to trust that you were meant to do this, you deserve to be here and you deserve to be heard. So, just do it. 

What does the term Produced By a Girl mean to you?

Produced by a girl means that it is curated, imagined and created by a girl. As women we carry such a unique perspective of life that only we can truly convey to the world. It’s a beautiful thing. 

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