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9 Tips in FL Studio - Produced by a Girl™

Updated: Oct 20, 2019

Hi producers and artists. FL studio was the third DAW I tried in music production. And I've grown to love it. The Third Dream song I produced recently was done with a myriad of these tricks below. Especially zooming in. Zooming in in music production is like the holy grail. You can start to get very very clean song construction if you take time to zoom in over your layers and find what sections need to be moved 1/4 or even 1/8 of a bar. FL Studio even lets you adjust your clipping lengths to a default length so you can always be as precise as you want to be in your song construction. The Third dream had so many different percussion layers, I had to use these tips to really fine tune my placement and transitions. Enjoy and see you in the studio! Crunch on Beats.

xo Produced by a Girl ™

9 FL Studio Tips Every Producer Needs To Know

The secret volume control.

A channel's volume can be automated in the piano roll by right-clicking the grey box under the keyboard and selecting Channel volume.

Split and merge patterns.

Dumping the score log.

Set snapshots in the Browser.

Scale automation clips.

Scale note properties.

Zoom in closer.

Slice up pattern clips.

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