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Currently Listening to Lais Scort ‘I’m a Mess’ and In-depth Interview

Currently listening to @laisscort Lais Scort talented indie singer/songwriter and her latest single ‘I’m a Mess’ ⭐️✨👏🎵🎶

“With her cool tones and wide range of expressions Lais takes us on an emo journey in her latest song, ‘I’m a Mess’ and we’re loving the beginning of the song as it catapults us into her inner world of expression to help us all cope with the deeper emotions of life.” Produced by a Girl

Artist Spotlight on the amazingly talented and inspiring Lais Scort @laisscort ✨⭐️🎶👏🤍🎵

Please get to know her music and journey, she’s truly inspiring and her voice and music is beautiful! We’re so excited to share more of her interview on our blog and feature her here at PBG! Congratulations Lais on a beautiful new song ‘I’m a Mess’ ⭐️


In 2008, after breaking her neck in a pool dive Lais Scort had a conversation with a spirit guide who gave her the option of continuing her life on Earth or going back because it wouldn't be easy. She decided to continue with her wholeness journey, and even through quadriplegia she trusted her path would be guided.

After the sudden passing of her dad the calling to be a frequency holder got loud and clear and with her dad guiding her from the spirit realms she embraced the calling to receive higher inspiration and put it into songs for others to access when the time is right.

Lais is a light being, sound priestess, singer, songwriter, independent artist and producer based in Brazil. She’s from a generation that’s creating genre-less music mixing everything that feels true. Her music lives somewhere in between Alt-pop, Indie Rock and Conscious Music.

Her vocals have been compared to Billie Eilish, Imogen Heap and AURORA and her production style to Imagine Dragons, Twenty One Pilots, Halsey, and No Doubt.

She creates space to celebrate wholeness and transmute pain through music. As a survivor of spinal cord injury she uplifts those that have been through insurmountable trials.

She believes songs are portals and sound can create a piece of Heaven on Earth, healing those that need it most. Her inspiration comes from ecstatic singing, automatic writing, dreams, shamanic journeys, deep experiences and soul search. The

genre-bending music covers themes like resilience, grief, finding who we are and our path, rebirths, faith and spiritual connection in this human experience.

Some of Lais’s biggest inspiration derives from Fia, White Sun, Mackenzie Madrone, Ayla Nereo and Guru Jagat.

Lais cocreates in Spirit and also helps soul-led humans to behold their true power and create in it.

Healing is important and music heals.

Produced by a Girl Artist Interview -

Lais Scort

I’m a mess

Hi! Your journey is SO inspiring. What was the inspiration behind “I’m a mess?”

Thank you. I’m a mess came from a breakdown. Just like the title says I was feeling a mess after being so open. I thought I had healed old patterns but there’s always another level of healing and that song was my process through it. Even letting the listeners know about the things that made me feel broken before is a process of self-acceptance and releasing myself from guilt and I hope serves others to accept themselves too.

How has your music journey changed for the better after your accident?

Having gone through so much struggle made me do a lot of soul search to find meaning. That inspires a lot of my music and also unlocked ways to let inspiration flow through me. Before my accident I thought I had nothing really important to say. Now I see myself as a vessel for the music. It was my permission to transmute pain into healing songs.

How do you stay inspired to make music?

I keep it playful and flowing. Not having to have an end goal. I write every day. Any time that I have a melody playing in my head I record on my voice notes app. That often happens outside in nature. I let the world around inspire me. Sometimes a piece of poetry that I read, the way the clouds look one day, the birds, a painting, a song, a conversation, a class that I attend. Everything can be inspiring when we make ourselves open to it.

What’s your one wish for your music journey?

That it serves to uplift others as it does for me.

What drew you to the music industry and what has your journey been like?

I had some songs coming through that I felt were worth recording so I decided to learn how to produce. Once I started more songs came and I felt it was time to share. I produce and release independently. Hot Light Records is a label name I created for myself and for collaborations. Because songwriting is so healing for me I started inviting my coaching clients to write and record songs together and it has been fulfilling to help incredible people with beautiful stories that wouldn’t have created music otherwise to put their life’s lessons into songs.

When did you start studying/writing music and do you have an instrument of choice?

I started at seven with piano. And I think I was 10 years old when I started playing guitar. After my accident I couldn’t play any of them. But music production allows me to play any instrument with a keyboard or a sample pad. Nowadays my instrument of choice is a loop pedal where I can use my voice as the main instrument. I do a lot of this in my songs as well both with harmonies and transforming my voice in other instruments. As for other sounds, I tend to gravitate towards the bass because it complements my vocals well.

Who are you inspired by?

So many artists and people. Is hard to point. I grew up listening to everything from boy bands to grunge. To point a few that I still draw inspiration from, Pink Floyd, Green Day, Bob Marley, Bad Religion, Foo Fighters, the whole grunge scene, The Beatles, Alanis Morrisette, Fleetwood Mac. And later on Ayla Nereo, Fia, Rising Appalachia, Satsang, Trevor Hall, Imagine Dragons, Twenty one pilots, Mumford & Sons. I’m always listening to music.

Please explain your creative process.

I always start by connecting, grounding myself and asking spiritual war through me. Sometimes I have a question, sometimes I just start playing with sound and see what that awakens in me. But some of the best songs come when we aren’t thinking of anything and they just drop in and we just need to be available to catch them. I had dreamed songs, two of them are produced already, one released called Deja Vu. I’m glad these days we can record on our phone the first idea.

What’s an average day like for you with music?

It varies a lot. The only thing that always happens is tuning my instrument, meaning I do vocal warm-ups with a Shruti box, write in my journal and do kundalini yoga. This things help me get in flow. Sometimes I create in the early morning starting with drums or an instrument and singing over it, sometimes only late in the evening. And I often listen to music before bed. Our subconscious mind knows what to do with that.

Is there a hidden meaning in any of your music or deeper meaning you want your fans to know?

Good question. Sometimes words that come aren’t fully clear to me and I try to understand what that means. There are a few that I do see a deeper meaning, like in the song “Better”. There’s a line that says: “Lost in translation, force of creation, this heart of mine”. I was alluding to the fact that the power of our hearts is knowledge that was lost in translation in many cultures.

“Won’t stop” has a line saying: “people living lives of quiet desperation forgetting the creation is your birthright”. Quiet desperation is a term used by Henry David Thoreau in the book Civil Disobedience. I truly believe that creating takes us out of despair.

Do you collaborate with others in the studio? What is that process like?

Absolutely! I love it. When I collaborate, it always happened remotely since we are all in different countries. We meet up over Zoom for songwriting and sometimes also to record. I have an ongoing project with Fhylou and we’re currently creating more songs together. We always help each other in our production giving feedback even when it’s not a collab. In some collaborations I also coach the recording process to help the artist bring all the energy of their words to the song.

I know your fans would love to hear how they can interact with you. Is there a way you prefer to connect with them?

I love when I receive messages from them! my fans are so insightful and they can really feel the vibration in music not just a sound and words. They often bring meanings to the songs that I wasn’t even aware of and I love hearing what they see. I’m mostly active on Instagram and they can DM me there. I always respond. But I check every comment on YouTube and TikTok as well for those who I am not on Instagram.

What is your favorite part about this line of work?

That I get to express myself and help others not only express but also see the beauty in all aspects of themselves. As an INFP, I have an inner world that sometimes it’s too much to communicate in daily life, but I can express through sound. I feel we understand each other as humans better when we sing together. It’s soul talk. Music brings us together and makes us feel there’s something more to life.

What’s your favorite performance been and why?

Since I came back to music after my accident I haven’t done a concert yet. But I have had multiple online workshops where part of it was performance and part interactive. My favorite was the first time I sampled the audiences voice into my looper. That was a magical moment. Before that I once covered a Nightwish song called “Come Cover Me” and that was really cool for me as an artist to put my spin on such an edgy song to perform.

What advice would you have for someone wanting to follow in your footsteps?

Just start and listen to that quiet inner voice within. I thought I couldn’t play instruments anymore so I stopped all together for about 11 years. I thought I couldn’t sing because my breath wasn’t the same, then I found kundalini yoga and that helped me sing again. I still can’t move my fingers properly yet if I can make music everyone can. Your ability to listen and to be open is more important than your skills. You are the only person who can tell yourself you can’t do something. It’s never too late to do what you love and brings you joy.

Do you have any big projects or shows coming up?

I have a Patreon with Philippe Bensalem (Fhylou) called the Healing Sphere where we are creating music for our fans based on their stories and questions. It’s our way to give back to those who believe in our project of creating a healing music retreat and maybe festival and that are contributing to this dream. Our first goal is to bring this online, create this magical space of the healing sphere and then create a retreat.

What are you working on next?

A couple of projects. An EP with Fhylou. I’m also working on a song that will be on a YouTube reaction channel and some other collaborations.

What does the term Produced By a Girl mean to you?

To me that means freedom to create whatever is true within us. Perspectives that maybe wouldn’t be considered commercially viable before are now everywhere and there’s a fanbase eager for different perspectives. Corook and Ayla Nereo are great examples. The fact that today any girl can create awesome music without depending on a studio, label or band unlocks so many possibilities and sets us free to create what we truly believe in and people can decide if they like it or not.

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