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Sequel & harpsichords - Produced by a Girl ™

Updated: Oct 20, 2019

Harpsichords are on of my favorite instruments to weave into an EDM song when I can. The tricky part with harpsichords is that they don't go with a ton of other sounds. So you really have to bring out the chord progression in the harpsichords and let the melody weave lightly around it. Sequel was on of my favorite harpsichord pieces. And I used Platoverse app for my movie. Love this app for movie sound samples for your songs. It let's you choose from a variety of overlays and 3-D animation all which can be easily constructed on your iphone. Also, has amazing free stock photos you can use to add to your production of your videos. This is a budget friendly way to create high value samples of your sounds and reach your audience on social media with a fun interactive great sounding sample. Enjoy! xo Produced By a Girl ™

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