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Listening to ‘New Enemies’ by New Enemies debut EP

Artist Spotlight on New Enemies @newenemiesmusic and their newest EP ‘New Enemies’.

“Indie rock band New Enemies reinvents indie rock in willowy tales of life while the instrumentals remind us of Arcade Fire, they truly capture the atmosphere of the journey of life in all it’s true raw authentic glory.” Produced by a Girl

Indie Pop/Rock group New Enemies, are set to release their debut self-titled EP on May 27th, 2022. The album includes band members Sarah Gulish (keys/vocals), Jeff Scott (guitar, vocals), Eric Daelhousen (bass), and Brandon Gulish (drums). The 4 track album was recorded at the Gradwell House in Haddon Heights, NJ, engineered by Matt Weber, and mixed/mastered by David Downham.

New Enemies is a re-imagining of the early 00’s indie rock band, Turning Violet Violet (TVV). When TVV split in 2013, four members found themselves carving new paths and ultimately reforming to build New Enemies. They quietly released a few tracks that received praise from fans and the media. Journalist Julie Miller reviewed the songs as “majestic in a somber, soft way, billowing up in a cloud of horns as Sarah Gulish’s vocals float in layers over top. The chamber rock of TVV’s songs still ripples underneath, but as New Enemies, they’ve added a shiny gloss of atmospheric pop that ties it all together in a Death Cab-meets-CHVRCHES kind of way.”

This new EP is a nod to the sound of their musical past with a more mature perspective of life and relationships that shines through the lyrics. The songs are earnest while playful, and the energy is matched by the connection fueled by over a decade of making music together. Songs about new love (There’s a Way) and online dating (If the Shoe Fits) are bookended by a richly harmonic prelude/plea (New Enemies) and the reality of impending divorce (We’re not 23). Gulish’s clever lyrics are swept up by washy guitars, hooky keyboard lines, and drum and bass rhythms that carry the stories through. There’s a lyrical newness to the EP with musical nods to sounds and songs of the 90’s and early 00’s.

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