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Currently Listening to ‘Wild Wild Sheep’ by The Bakers Basement! + Interview

Hi! We LOVE the album cover. What inspired the name of Wild Wild Sheep? We love the story behind the song.

Thank you! We loved putting together the artwork for the single. Honestly…the name Wild Wild Sheep happened after a late night of writing so it’s hard to really pinpoint the moment. In my mind a Wild Wild Sheep is adventurous, imaginative, colorful, silly, mysterious, and strong. The character of the sheep is embodied throughout the album. These songs carry us to many different places both emotionally and physically. It just felt right that the sheep bounced throughout that journey as well.

What’s your favorite Beatle’s song and why?

Ooooo this is always such a tough question. “Blackbird,” still moves me every time. It’s simple in nature but feels hopeful for what’s to come. So well written from start to finish.

Who are you inspired by?

There is so much good music out there! When we’re creating, we really try to disconnect ourselves from what we are currently listening to. We never want to feel heavily influenced in one direction.

With that said, Mac Miller is probably my favorite artist. His music is always so introspective. It’s confident but humble. The mic presence always feels like he’s having a sincere conversation. So sad we won’t be getting more music from him but he made an unbelievable amount of music in such a short time.

I’ve been obsessed with the song “Hannah Sun,” by Lomelda over the last couple weeks. I absolutely love her calm natured voice and the way the lines lead to the next scene so organically. It’s just beautiful and usually how I start my morning walks.

What is your favorite part about this line of work?

Observing with my partner Adam. Sometimes it leads to a great deal of laughter. Of course we write sad songs too, but there is still excitement in getting those out. We love throwing those one liners out there and seeing how the other person responds. Writing is by far the best part of this line of work and we always hope it connects with someone.

What’s your favorite performance been and why?

We have performed A LOT. It is funny because I wouldn’t say that my favorite performance was necessarily the biggest performance or craziest night. It was honestly probably at a small bar called the “Blue Crab” on the sound side of Kill Devil, NC. The locals appreciated the bucket performance so much. We watched the sunset as we performed and then they offered us a pontoon boat ride after. All the feels were just on point that evening.

Do you have any big projects or shows coming up?

Yes! Our album titled “Wild Wild Sheep” comes out September 30th. Very excited to share this new body of work. We haven’t been the best about promoting our albums in the past and it feels good to be giving this one more love. We will be celebrating the release with a Halloween themed show called Gory at the Quarry September 30th! The show is at Nelson Ledges and for those not from Ohio, it's a really beautiful campground beside a lake/old quarry where they do weekend music festivals. Check it out if you are close by! It is well worth it.

What are you working on next?

We are wrapping up a single called “Skeleton Party,” just in time for the Halloween season. There will also be a performance video of that to follow (where we’re transformed into skeletons, courtesy of our amazingly multi-talented friend Kim Kennedy). There will also be another single to follow in November. We’re always creating and it has been a mental purge to release these tunes into the universe quicker these days. It just feels right.

What does the term Produced By a Girl mean to you?

I love being a female drummer and performing all around the community of Cleveland and beyond. I often see parents pointing out my odd drumset to their daughters and it’s cool to think that it could inspire them to do the same.

I started off in an all girl punk band at a time when girls in music at a local level were few and far between. We weren’t respected in the same way. It was “cute” that we were punks and I remember it being so frustrating at times.

“Produced By a Girl” means that girls are in the game too! Making soooo much great music. It’s a beautiful thing to encourage growth and power in voice. Let’s keep it rolling.

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