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Currently Listening to Versoul “Time” off her new EP ‘Eternal’

Artist Spotlight on rising hip hop artist and female producer @versoulmusic Versoul! Versoul is a hip hop artist to watch on the rise as her songs weave a winding rhythm of words that unfold a story with truth, heartfelt messages and empowering reminders especially with her song Time off her latest EP Eternal!” Produced by a Girl

Eternal is a 6-track EP produced, mixed and mastered by Versoul. An evolution in her sound, Versoul combines her passion of lyricism and rapping, with singing and immersive vulnerable expression. Eternal is a continuation in Versoul's legacy and growth as she remains resilient to life challenges and adversities through creating music from her soul. You can expect to hear a blend of Hip-Hop, Soul and Alternative in this new EP combined with an authentic and evolved new sound. Purchase and stream on Bandcamp, Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music and ALL platforms!

Graphic Design by Jackie Espejo

Time - Co-produced by Benet and Jake Zimma of the Whoadees

Better - Co-produced by Bari

🎵🎶⭐️Versoul is an alternative hip-hop artist, producer and sound engineer born in San Francisco and raised throughout the Bay Area. Bouncing to the soundwaves of Hip-Hop, R&B, Neo-Soul music in her mothers belly in 1993, Versoul grew up captivated by music, influenced by artists like Eminem, Da Brat, Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes, Fugees & Nas, and Bone Thugs N Harmony, to name a few. Through her music Versoul transforms pain, in to power and trauma, into triumph. Utilizing each life lesson and loss as an inspirational catapult to continue living each day to the fullest and learning to be fully grounded in the present, inspiring others along the way through her story and eternally learning to self-love.

She has an incredible community so be sure to check out her music journey and support! Welcome to Produced by a Girl Versoul! 🎵🎶⭐️🤍

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