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Currently Listening to Trish Discord “Take Me Away”

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

Currently Listening to Trish Discord “Take Me Away” @trishdiscord “An eclectic experience in sound Trish transports you into a musical odyssey and we’re so loving this audio trip.” Produced by a Girl

May 2022 - Trish Discord is an artist and songwriter with a focus on writing music that feels very catchy yet at the same time quite personal. This talented singer is quite known for her unapologetic sound and her ability to make music that is not only fun and energetic but also thought-provoking. In addition to making her original music, she is also quite well known for the cover songs that she is posting on her YouTube channel, creating soaring rock versions of songs by artists as diverse as Halsey, The Cranberries, Mitski, and more! This is most definitely what you can expect from her most recent release, "The Aftermath of 2016." As the title implies, this is a very personal and dynamic piece of music, which features songs that are deeply tied to Trish Discord's own life and experiences, especially at a given moment in time.


This release is deeply tied to the alternative rock genre, but there is definitely a lot more to it than that. As they say, indie rock music is primarily all about personality and storytelling, and Trish is a larger-than-life character who definitely stands out. As a result, her music is all the more intriguing and forward-thinking, making for a deeper connection with the audience. The artist's most recent release, "The Aftermath of 2016", has a very energetic vibe to it, but there is also a melodic side to the arrangement, which definitely makes for a catchier approach. One of the songs on thisalbum called “Crashing" explores a more indie direction: think more anthemic, big, and even hopeful, with a sound that's diverse and broad, showcasing Trish's ability to let different genres coexist on this album.



Trish is a skillful performer, and she definitely managed to capture some lightning in a bottle with this fantastic new release! As far as alt-rock goes, this new material stands out as a perfect example of what it means to bring a breath of fresh air into this genre. "In Another Life," for example is an alternative rock anthem with a flavor that will take you back to the golden age of the genre, tipping the hat off to artists like Linkin Park in their prime.


Musically the songs are even more poignant and dynamic, embracing this spirit to perfection. One of the most iconic tracks on the album is perhaps the lead single, "Strife," which centers around the narrative of Trish's own experiences as an expat. As an American student in the UK (London) trying to get a work visa, she has experienced quite some challenges! The politically-chargedsingle remains a very special moment on this album and one of its most distinctive moments.


The song "23" is definitely one of the most touching and personal tracks on the album, and it is all about realizing that it's time for a life change and getting rid of toxic relationships! The song, "Desire," has a very raw and energetic sound, reminiscent of pop-punk acts like Paramore. It's also an emotional track with a very passionate flow. That said, every song has something special to offer, and the entire release is exciting, mercurial, and incredibly immersive from the first to the last tune.


"I Can't Wait to Forget You" has a melodic yet very electrifying sound, and the intensity of the instrumental really matches the topic and the lyrics, dealing with being angry at someone you are infatuated with and wanting to get over them. The album progresses smoothly with the tune "Take Me Away," which is an ode to living to the fullest and embracing every moment. The artist can personally relate to this, as she turned to the "carpe diem" philosophy to escape from the fact that she couldn't stay in the UK after Brexit for visa reasons.




In addition to the high quality of the content of these songs, the production of the album is overall amazing. The rock influences that make Trish's sound so special are quite prominent on this release, but at the same time, there is so much more to it than just straight-up rock 'n' roll. Because she has a very good sense of melody and a very versatile voice, Trish brings a very diverse approach to what she does musically, and this album, as a result, feels a lot more kaleidoscopic than a standard "stock" rock record. This is present with another highlight called "Split," which has a soulful and imaginative vibe, with some of the catchiest hooks on the album.


Things get darker and even more introspective with the song "Red Sun", another thought-provoking song relating to a very relevant issue: the environment. In particular, the track references what happened recently in California, as fires and droughts ravaged the land. This emotional track feels like a plea for mankind to better take care of our planet, and it dovetails beautifully into "This is the End," which, in turn, has a more personal topic, dealing with confronting a toxic partner. This is a fitting conclusion to an amazing album, which feels like a true rollercoaster from the moment you hit the play button!



In other words, this album is very personal, not only because of the topics that she sings about but also because her musical style is quite unique, bringing something different to the music scene and showcasing how rock music can be a fantastic platform to keep exploring and setting the bar higher.


This record has a truly disruptive energy in the music business, channeling the oldstandards of the industry and focusing more on the message than trying to be flashy just for the sake of it. This isn't just political and social music for the sake of shock value: there is a true and distinctive vibe about it.


This one is going to be a perfect release for fans of artists such as Halsey, Clairo, Phoebe Bridgers, and Soccer Mommy, only to mention a few.


Find out more about Trish Discord, and listen to this release on your favorite digital music streaming services.



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