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Currently listening to ‘Orange’ by Estella Dawn

Artist Spotlight on new single “Orange” from US based, New Zealand artist, Estella Dawn.


Denver, CO. “Estella Dawn took us by surprise with her powerful vocals and range, captivating her listeners as the story unfolds. She is truly a phenomenal vocalist and we can’t wait to see her music journey ascend the stars.” Produced by a Girl

Estella shares her experience:

“This song is about potential, when everything feels effortless. Drinking in some- body, the way they feel and laugh when they look at you and you realize you’d like them to keep looking at you that way. There’s no place you’d rather be than right there kissing them in that orange living room. When everything just stops.”

Composed of lush vocals and a live band, the rhythm track is a sensual, romantic and exciting prelude to a love song. Intertwining the styles of both Chelsea Cutler and Dove Cameron, the upbeat and feel-good anthem showcases Estella’s stand-out talent that has garnered her a rapidly growing audience.

A New Zealand born, US based pop artist, singer, songwriter, producer and multi instrumentalist, Estella has the skills to not only have a creative vision but to guide that process through to a cohesive, fully formed, song. Her purposeful songs are often about empowerment and confidence and span various genres,

reflecting the artist's skill and diverse creative output. She has organically grown her career and following with a consistent release of music that resonate with her personal reflections on life as a mid 20's woman in a complex, and sometimes overwhelming, world.

Along her current trajectory there have been many highs; her song 'I Dare You' charted on the media base Radio Top 40 chart, she's been interviewed by and had songs added to many radio stations and some big Spotify playlists. Her music has been compared to Halsey, Sia, Taylor Swift, Dua Lipa, among other strong, independent minded artists and she's had many wonderful reviews by global music bloggers.

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