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Currently Listening to Nicky Pasolini + ‘Update’ Album Review

"The Solo Sound of Niky Pasolini: An Exploration of Authentic Music-Making"

Niky Pasolini is the sole member of a talented band, bringing to life a unique sound through a blend of acoustic and electric guitar, piano, cello, and vocals. This multi-talented musician draws inspiration from artists such as Paul Simon, HAIM, The 1975, and Travis, and has been writing music from a young age.

The recording of Niky's latest album took place in the basement of their home, where they recorded and produced all the tracks on their own. The album reflects Niky's desire to create a sound that is original, catchy, and built upon strong melodic and harmonic ideas, as an antidote to the typical pop tunes often heard on the radio.

The songs on the album draw from Niky's experiences at university and tell stories from their time there. They explore relationships, reflecting on moments that are true, while others are products of the imagination. Writing songs allows Niky to play the role of an actor, bringing to life different perspectives and emotions.

Although the recording process took place in a basement, Niky's DIY setup, including a microphone propped up by a cut-out plastic pill jar, only adds to the charm and authenticity of their music.

Niky concludes, "If it's the form and not the content holding the song together, it will stand, but it won't last." This statement speaks to the importance of authentic music-making, and Niky Pasolini's commitment to creating music that will endure.

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