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Currently Listening to Monroe Moon ‘Glad to Exist’ + Interview

Hi! I really noticed your band name first; what’s the story behind Monroe Moon?

Hey Hey! Bunny's surname is Monroe and she's basically a witch who stays up all night on the Full Moon. When we started making music, it's just what came to me.

Glad to Exist is so beautiful! Where and when did your music journey start and what has been memorable about it?

Bunny and I spent one whole winter sitting before an open fire, smoking spliffs, drinking French reds, and listening to music. As Bunny puts it, "Theo's heart asked mine to make music and My heart said, "Yes.". "

With ‘Glad to Exist’ the inspiration for it was so great to learn about, what was it like producing it and coming up with the melody and collaborating to bring your inspiration to life?

We enjoy collaboration. We bring each song out from within knowing it will have to evolve and change as it meets the other people who help us take the song from it's birth into what we record and release to the world. It's not unlike collage. And we enjoy it.

What did you enjoy most about making Glad to Exist in the creative process besides the inspiration?

Being together and moving forward, making something new, something else, excepting and letting go.

I noticed you have monthly releases scheduled, what can we look forward to hearing from you in the future?

We have quite a mix of feelings coming out. The next handful of songs are quite dark, but not too serious, always a little sexy.

What’s your favorite part of being in a duo band?

The personal expansion we experience, making art with our intimate partner.

What does Produced by a Girl mean to you?

To Bunny, it means letting go of outside expectation.

Thank you for your support as a couple and band! We can’t wait to hear your other music!

THANK YOU! We appreciate you!

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