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Currently Listening to Katie Fry ‘Here I Go’ + Interview

Produced by a Girl Artist Interview - 

Katie Fry

Here I Go

What inspired the overall feel for Here I Go? I noticed it has a sense of a fresh start along with the album cover. 

A: Here I go is a song about struggle, perseverance and hope. The lyrics speak to following your dreams and setting goals even when it seems impossible. 

What was your music journey like growing up and how did you decide to be a professional recording artist?

A: I didn’t come from a musical family, in fact my mother is hearing impaired. My dad was a collector and one of the things he stumbled upon was an antique piano, so naturally I gravitated towards it and taught myself to play when I was very young. In school I played the flute and sang in the choir. Once I learned how to read music, picking up new instruments came more easily. In High School I started to learn the guitar, that’s also about the same time that I began writing my own songs. Over the years I have had the privilege of being mentored by musician friends who taught me the ins-and-outs of recording and songwriting. 

When did you know you wanted to play the Harp seriously? It’s beautiful!

A: Thank you, it is such a beautiful instrument. I learned how to play the harp when I decided to study to become a therapeutic bedside musician. I found a good teacher and fumbled around a bit, but now it seems the most natural for me to play. I love the vibrations of the low frequency strings and the patterns of the strings make sense to me, they remind me of keys on the piano. 

What is your most memorable music performance and why? 

A: That’s a hard question to answer, they are all so fun. Recently I performed at a ‘Porchfest’ where multiple houses participated in hosting musicians up and down the street. It was in my hometown and I don’t get the chance to visit often. In the audience was a teacher of mine from more than 20 years ago, and we had a chance to catch up. It was really special. For me the best part of live performances is being able to connect with my community.

I’d love to hear about your creative process with songwriting in general.

A: For me songwriting is a meditative process. I like to be alone and in a quiet space. I let my mind wander with the music and think, and think, and think. I do a lot of improvising and simultaneously, both the music and lyrics come together to make a song.

What’s one thing you wish you knew about the music business earlier?

A: I wish I had learned how to do the recording and producing on my own at an earlier stage in my career. In the past I had to rely on others in order to get my music recorded and there were times when I was pushed by producers, musically, in directions that I wasn’t interested in going. Once I learned how to do it on my own I became more focussed and empowered by having full creative control. 

What does the term “Produced by a Girl” mean to you? 

A: To me “Produced by a Girl” is a statement to be proud of. I am a mother, and a wife, but so much more. My identity as a songwriter and producer is also part of who I am and it brings fulfilment to my life.

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