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Currently Listening to “ Il Respiro” by Giada Valenti

Giada Valenti brings a soulful spirit of Italy into her song II Respiro and leaves us transported into a beautiful atmospheric vision of summer, love, culture, and the love of the Italian language. A beautiful masterpiece of a song. Bravo! Produced by a Girl

We are so honored to highlight phenomenal Italian Artist & Singer Guadalupe Valentini @giadavalenti25 Italian singer Giada Valenti releases a single Il Respiro, produced by Alan Michael Matkovic, who is internationally most known for one of the recent Dutch submissions of the Eurovision Song Contest.

She also wrote the song with Alan Michael Matkovic. “The lyrics of Il Respiro (The Breath) are inspired by the thought of what finding love means. What you need is love, is something we all say and sing in songs. Even though we all know we need so many other things in life, we are all somehow looking for love that completes our life.

I thought of all those other things indispensable to stay alive, like water and air. Suddenly, I started to think about how love is to the heart is what water and air are to the body, indispensable. True love can make us feel complete and protected. I always hope that people can feel the emotion of the song. I hope this song will be the soundtrack to many happy love stories.”


Singer and songwriter Giada Valenti was born and raised in Venice, Italy. In Europe, she was signed as a young singer with the record label BMG. When in 2005, a major record label in New York showed serious interest in her unique voice and romantic music, she moved to the United States.

In the United States, she is most known for her stunning music special “From Venice With Love,” which aired nationally on PBS television. The airings of her PBS special made it possible for her to do concerts in Performing Arts Centers and Theaters all around the country. In November 2017, she debuted as a headliner in Las Vegas with a concert at The Smith Center for the Performing Arts. In October 2018, she made her debut at Carnegie Hall in New York City, where she returned by popular demand in 2019.

For the past fifteen years, Giada, currently a resident of Las Vegas, has released her CDs "And I Love You So”, "Italian Signorina", and "My Lullaby", “From Venice With Love”, garnering rave reviews.

She performed for 8 years straight on the Red Carpet of the Columbus Day Parade in New York City. She is a 12 times Grant recipient of the Sergio Franchi Music Foundation. In 2019 Andrea Bocelli asked her to sing with him at a concert benefitting his Foundation.

To stay in contact with her fans during COVID19, she started a live streaming video series on Facebook and YouTube, entitled “Giada Live”. This has become almost a television show with celebrity interviews, cooking demos, stories about Italy, and singing. In September 2021, she celebrated her 150th episode.

Giada is very passionate about food. She is a longtime member of the Accademia Italiana della Cucina, a by the Italian government recognized cultural organization that checks out Italian restaurants around the World. She was featured on morning shows of ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC around the United States, doing cooking demos, often making her famous Tiramisu.

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