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Currently listening to “Fire” by Hannah Dorman

Artist Spotlight on rising Pop/Rock Star Hannah Dorman! 🎶⭐️

Be sure to check out ‘Fire’ and follow and support her music journey!

“Fire” is the latest single from pop singer songwriter Hannah Dorman, this is the start of a new era of music to come from the Surrey pop/rock singer & TikToker. “Fire” was co-written with Irish pop singer songwriter Ivon Roberts and produced by Sam Ray (of the synth pop duo Friday Night Firefight). The trio came together at a songwriting camp in Spain in March 2022 and have been making music ever since. Fire is the first single from Hannah’s upcoming EP to be released in August.

Hannah has been performing and releasing music for over 10 years. She has a growing loyal fanbase on TikTok, Spotify and over 3 million total views on YouTube. Hannah keeps herself busy in the music industry writing, recording, performing and posting videos on YouTube & TikTok.

In 2017 her cover of "Human" was discovered on a Spotify playlist by Universal leading to its inclusion on Universal's "Acoustic Hits" album which peaked at number 5 in the compilation charts. Hannah performed at a number of notable festivals and finished the year recording new material.

Her inspiration and eclectic influences are still evolving but some give resonance to her music. With KT Tunstall as her main influence, Anastasia, Shania Twain, Pretty Reckless and Kelly Clarkson all have their place.

"Good to hear someone so young touching on Country Music, definitely one to watch." Malcolm Prince (Producer, Paul O'Grady, Graham Norton) Radio 2

I could listen to this girl’s voice all day - Peter Howorth Evolution Of Insanity

Super talented with a rocky-pop voice, catchy songs and a fabulous to see live - Abubilla Music

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