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Currently Listening to Cry me and Ocean By Lucy Lane + Interview

Produced by a Girl Artist Interview - 


Cry Me An Ocean

Hi! How did you get inspired to write Cry Me an Ocean?

Hello! Well, I was moving from London to Brighton during the pandemic and all I could think about was the sea. I wasn’t in the best place; I felt like I was fleeing to water to put out the fire in my mind. At the same time, I was reflecting on a past relationship (the pandemic had that effect on many of us.) His tears and my anger became, “cry me an ocean, I’ll sing you a storm.” The rest flowed from there.

How did your music journey begin, super curious since your first two singles are phenomenal! 

Thank you, that’s so kind! It began in my bedroom during lockdown. I took the gravity of the pandemic very much to heart - life is too short not to try everything you want to try. But I was a total underdog: I don’t play instruments and hadn’t been on stage since I was 18. I had to push myself to get out there at 32 with my bedroom productions (initially made with samples) and hope for the best. But it paid off. I was introduced to studios and musicians who helped me get my first songs ready to release. It’s been the most incredible ride since. The first jump’s the hardest. Then you just have to keep going. 

What artists inspire you? I noticed your song sounded like Madonna and I was totally curious how that style evolved for you as a singer.

Madonna is a huge influence on me - I take that as a big compliment! I can hear Love Profusion in Cry Me An Ocean, for sure. Ray of Light is also one of my favourite albums; it has both soft and cinematic moments, which is exactly the balance I’d like to achieve for a larger body of work. I’d say my sound blends my love of pop, rock and electronic. Britney, Blondie, Bjork! They’re all in there. Also a great dinner party guestlist. 

What does the symbolism with the water in this single mean to you? 

On the surface, I’m talking about a relationship via the metaphor of the sea. I was tired of drama. They could cry me an ocean, I was done. But it’s also about rebirth. I felt as though I was taking a melodic bath and washing away my old self. It makes total sense to me that my first song would reference water. The sea was my safety while I was going through deep change. It made the act of songwriting - something I’d never done before - safer, too.

What is your favorite part of songwriting, singing, and recording? 

The escape. I’ve written songs in a daze, coming out of it to find lyrics on a page. It’s obsessive. Nothing else exists. Same with performing. Before/after can be hellish, but the time on stage is pure. There’s no space for anxiety or cruel self-criticism. You sing your song and nothing else matters while you do. Another musician described recording in the studio as being in the womb - I can’t top that!

What venues would you love to perform Cry Me an Ocean at? 

Roundhouse, Camden. I saw The Chromatics there and the visual show was insane. I’d love to create a full sensorial experience like that. Capturing the movement of water as well as the anxiety of the song’s sound design. Or… on a boat with about 10 people onboard. That’d be perfect.

What does Produced by a Girl mean to you? 

My first thought was: 2%. That’s the percentage of female producers in the industry right now. Which is shocking. That’s why platforms like Produced by a Girl are so important. I imagine there are so many women out there who simply don’t believe they can produce (or even write) because it just hasn’t been our story. Every time a girl writes and produces a song, she’s evening the playing field. I have a lot to learn - I was more like a co-pilot to a very talented lead. But I’d encourage any artist to stay involved in every step of the process. You know more than you think you do.

What’s next in your music journey?

More singles! I’d like to release an EP eventually, but for now, I’m enjoying the ride of releasing these first few little doves. A music video would also be incredible. 

What’s the best way for your fans to connect with you and your music? 

DM me. I’m the least aloof person alive. I’m also playing at Islington Radio Festival (London) on 8/9 if you want to see me proudly waving the pop flag. 

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