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Currently Listening to BEL KIL ‘MY YEAR’+ Produced by a Girl Interview

Updated: Feb 26, 2023

Produced by a Girl Artist Interview - 


MY YEAR (Original EP)

1.Hi! Congrats on your debut EP! It’s fabulous! What inspired you to release this EP?

Thank you so much! It’s exciting to have it in the world!

Music has always been at the forefront for me but the confidence to pursue came after a major bike accident

When I started recording and producing I didn't know if I wanted to release my own music. I just knew I wanted to write songs and create a sonic world for them to live within, whether that be for myself or others. The confidence to pursue as a solo project and release an EP came after a major bike accident. 

I was riding home from the studio when an SUV slowed down to let a passenger out onto the bike lane illegally. There was no time and I smashed their entire door in with my head, it looked like a crushed can. I suffered whiplash, concussion, nerve damage and had multiple surgeries. The accident and the experience of having to relearn to sing made me slow down and put things in perspective. It  helped convince me to pursue my own project and I let down my guard and decided not to compare myself or care what anyone else thinks.

2. Your vocals are fabulous, what singers inspired you and or how did you develop your singer/songwriter artistry? 

Thank you! I really appreciate that. 

I know that my voice isn’t technically perfect but I am told that it’s unique and distinct so it doesn’t make any sense to try and sound like anyone else,  and I don’t try to.. But there are so many artists I love and that must have influenced me in some way…

As a little girl I grew up playing guitar and singing songs by Cat Power, Beck, Kings of Leon, Mazzy Star, the Beatles and Stones to name a few. More recently Tame Impala, Alt J, Lorde, Lana del Rey, Flume and Lime Cordiale are some artists that I respect for their  songwriting and production.

3. How did you learn to produce this album on your own? It’s very well done for being self produced! 

Well I wish I knew production and audio engineering was a thing when I was at school, I would have loved to have grown up assisting engineers and using hardware to develop my skills further. 

Prior to this I was a Visual Artist exhibiting my glass sculptures worldwide under my full name Annabel Kilpatrick. I experienced first hand how isolating solo careers can be which is why I chose to study a bachelor of music production and threw myself into the course and music community wholeheartedly. I worked my butt off, soaking up everything there was to learn and I was awarded some pretty incredible opportunities – I was  flown to the international songwriting camp at Popakademie in Germany to write for Sony and I was also selected for the top-tier American mix engineer Andrew Scheps' workshop while he was in Australia. These experiences were inspiring and validating. 

The more I produced, recorded and experimented with sound, the more I wrote myself. 

4. What’s your biggest dream in your music journey you’re looking to come true?

I really want to play all the big (and small) festivals! I am told my music has an anthemic, summer festival vibe and it would be an absolute dream to get on big festival lineups. 

I’d also love to collaborate with other producers and songwriters. I enjoy creating on my own but I’m an extrovert and I love working with others and sharing ideas. 

5. Please explain your creative process.

Hmmm, there is no consistent method. Maybe I need to work on that haha. I don’t write or produce to try to sound like anybody else. I have no idea what I am going to create until I sit down in front of the keys or guitar and experiment with a riff, chord progression, melody, sound or effect that really resonates with me. Then the ideas come flowing. 

Having said that, we are all innately influenced by something or someone even if we’re not aware of it at the time. I guess I’m subconsciously drawing from the influences I grew up with that have shaped my appreciation and love of music. The songs my parents and older sisters listened to when I was a little girl, consequently resulting in a sound that is versatile and unique yet distinct and easily recognizable.

When it comes to the creation of the music Bel Kil is a solo project yet as a live performance my band is integral. Our live shows are fun, energetic, emotive and a damn good time so hopefully you’ll get to see on soon. 

6. What’s an average day like for you with music?

At the moment I’m really excited to have released my EP so that I can focus on new music. I have an album worth of songs up my sleeve that are in demo stage and I’m excited to start recording and producing these each day..

However, up until now I have been preparing for and releasing my EP. I've worn many hats including singer-songwriter, producer, engineer, performer, videographer, graphic designer, photographer, journalist… One minute I’ll be editing my music video and the next I’ll be answering interview questions. I try to be planned but It each day changes depending on what opportunities have been thrown my way. 

One thing that is consistent is that I love to go for a run. It’s my meditation and an opportunity to listen to music or critique my own productions or mixes without distractions.

7. What’s your favorite performance been and why?

My previous single launch was insane. I was anxious in the lead up. It was my first headline show and the band and I got covid one by one like dominos so it was touch and go there for a while. I kept waking up in a sweat dreaming no one rocked up but the 350 cap venue was packed out, people were on shoulders and singing the lyrics to songs they’d heard for the first time.

8. Do you have any big projects or shows coming up? 

Yes, stay tuned for a lot of new music this year. 

I’m also really excited to be playing festivals including FRL (Folk Rhythm and Life) festival in Eldorado.

9. What does the term Produced By a Girl mean to you?

I love it! I mean there are lots of talented female producers and engineers but it is still a male dominated industry and I think it’s important to point out that we’re equally as capable of writing, recording, producing and mixing our own stuff. 

I’m stereotyping here but I’ve definitely noticed that girls don’t have the ego that guys often have from word go. But instead a genuine sensitivity,  patience and focus towards  the music. They want to fully listen and understand techniques and I’ve found guys are often happy to learn a toolbox of techniques and run with them. 

Again, I know I’m generalising here but I’ve noticed this time and time again starting out in the industry. 

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