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Currently Listening to Amy Hopwood, “Into the Woods.”

Artist Spotlight on amazing diamond in the rough Folk Singer Amy Hopwood. @amyhopwoodmusic 🎶🎵🤍✨” I’ve never heard a folk singer so good at weaving a magical folk story that is authentic, heartfelt and honest. If you love folk you will love Amy Hopwood. “ Produced by a Girl We’re honored to feature here here!

Amy Hopwood’s third album, Into the Woods, is a thought-provoking, harmony-soaked, exploration of forests and fairy tales. It launches on 5th August 2022.

In this new album, Amy delves into the psychological themes represented in the old tales and applies them to the way we live now. So, we have the Snow White inspired song “Brambles”, where sensitive Rosa has built a wall of thorns around her own heart as a protection from rejection; “The Liar and the Tailor”, a topical song about politicians and lying which draws on both the Cassandra myth and The Emperor’s New Clothes story; and “Happily Ever After” taking a wry look at the realities of life after the fairy tale wedding.

The “Into the Woods” theme continues with more straightforward songs about forests, trees, birds and bees. In “The Woodpecker’s Song” we have a woodpecker weighing up the merits of the different trees in his wood, but choosing ultimately the dead tree... beauty being in the eye of the beholder. In “Where the Wild Bees Go”, Amy has created an acapella choir of buzzing bees for a song inspired by the folk tradition of “telling the bees”. A recording of birds singing in Ashclyst Forest, Devon provides an atmospheric backing for two of the album’s tracks, including the traditional folk song “The Seeds of Love”.

Amy sings her own songs and traditional folk, accompanying herself on the tenor guitar. She is inspired by the likes of Karine Polwart, Emily Portman, Alela Diane and Leon Rosselson. Currently based in Devon, Amy has lived all over the country, including many years in Dorset, Sussex, Yorkshire and Humberside. She has studied social anthropology and folklore, organisational culture and human behaviour and these interests tend to creep out into her lyrics and the themes of her songs. Alongside a job in health and social care policy,

“Gorgeous!” – Tom Robinson, BBC Radio 6 Music

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