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Drum Pad Basics - Produced by a Girl ™

Updated: Oct 20, 2019

Hi music fam! I love drum pads and this is the first song that really took of on my programmed drum pad. I was using a pre-packaged drum pad and mixed up the sounds and rhythms to write Gold Hour Lounge. Here's some fun drum pad basics on my favorite drum pad teaching site at If you're looking for good instruments check out these basics below:

Pad Controllers

Check out Akai MPC/MPD, Korg PAd Kontrol or a Native Instruments Maschine type device.

You’re also going to need some kind of software drumkit. Some producers like to use XLN audio’s Addictive drums 2, but feel free to use anything else. As long as you have kicks, snares and hihats you're good to go.Most of the time you’ll also need a computer and an audio interface, but that depends a little on the other stuff you own.

For example, some Akai MPC devices are standalone units and will not need anything else. And the Maschine Mk3 does need a computer to run, but it has an audio interface built in, so you won’t need that if you own a Maschine mk3.

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