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Currently listening to “This Party is a Warzone” by Gloomy June

“Gloomy June takes us back to awesome alternative indie rock with a deep musical intensity that you can’t shake until the song is done. Catch them on the up, we love their sound.” Produced by a Girl

On May 19, gloomy june is releasing their banging electro punk single– “This Party Is A Warzone” ahead of Popsick, (out June 2,) and a full Southwest tour in June and July.“This Party is a Warzone” was written in mid-2021 as music venues were beginning to open up and concerts and shows were coming back. At the shows, there was an air of desperation to “go back to normal” that felt both celebratory and chaotic, almost dangerous. The song was inspired by that energy to party like your life depends on it, mixed in with a self-awareness that the party can’t last forever. The line “Take a snapshot of this life before we fade away” refers to posting the party-goer’s lifestyle on social media, and the finiteness of the moment.Lyricist Belchere also noted that similar to No Doubt’s “Don’t Speak,” the song is about a troubled relationship and simultaneously about trouble within the band. It was written while the band was having an identity crisis: Having decided to change their band name, without knowing what to change it to and with two singles still unreleased under their old moniker- “The Y Axes,” gloomy june was in limbo. Ready to move on but uncertain of the way forward, their conversations went nowhere, with everyone agreeing they wanted to tour and put out new music, but with the frustrating question of who they are hanging over their head. “Party Is A Warzone” is both an expression of that tension, and a farewell to The Y Axes as gloomy june moves on.Catch gloomy june on tour this spring and summer, with their next date in Montreal Canada for Pouzza Fest 10 on May 20, and cutting through the West in June and July.

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