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Currently Listening to Rollin Over by mUmbo + Interview

Hi! What was the inspiration behind Rollin Over?

After so much darkness, fear and deep uncertainty in recent times, and despite the fact that the world is in a state of awful political megalomania and gunshot rhetoric, we just wanted to say something hopeful, something connective, something of light in the darkness. We hope we have done that both sonically and lyrically.

‘Rollin’ Over’ is a song about cautious optimism. How, no matter what, each day gives you a chance to reset, to make a fresh start; in yourself, at least. Life's always rollin'over...

Your single Rollin Over is so refreshing and unique in artistry. What was the most memorable part of releasing this single after an already successful launch of your debut album?

After releasing our debut album ‘I Fly With Swallows’ we made the decision to release a series of singles in close succession which are stylistically and sonically a shift on from the album .’Rollin Over’ is our 4th single release and utilises a retro compositional style of a catchy guitar hook, followed by a strong vocal melody leading into the classic four-piece arrangement of guitar, bass, drums and, in this case, organ.

What has your music journey been like the past decade?

mUmbo was formed in 2021 and through the lock-downs much of our writing was done remotely - sending tracks back and forth to each other. Prior to that we each had solo careers, Doug playing and touring on the UK folk and blues scene; Emma who is classically trained composed for theatre productions as well as playing in various modern classical and folk groups. Over the years Doug and Emma have often collaborated before forming mUmbo. Italian drummer, Antonio Dale, is a music producer and session drummer, he is based in Lake Garda in Italy where he runs his own studio.

Please explain your creative process.

As with most musicians there isn’t a formula to our creative process. Ideas can come from anywhere which we freely share between us and we build on anything we find exciting or interesting. Our diverse backgrounds seem to create a sound for the band that is not sylistically rigid. We are happy to use whatever musically works in our compositions.We like to remain musically fluid and open.

What’s an average day like for you with music?

We work individually on ideas and initial tracks. Once songs and instrumentals are more formed we work in the studio together. This is the exciting part where ideas are developed and you get the thrill of a new song emerging.

What’s your favorite performance been and why?

It’s really difficult to say - we all have different favourite moments of performing and recording, whether that’s creating a particular vocal melody, guitar solo or drum part.

Do you have any big projects or shows coming up?

Subsequent to ‘Rollin’ Over’ we have released a new single ‘Sky Is Blue’ and currently we are working on a follow-up release ‘Fringe Benefits’. For Sky is Blue we worked with film-maker Kelli Watson on a narrative video for the song. Alongside the band song releases we are particularly interested in exploring possibilities for television and film sync.

How can fans get in contact with you?

We are always really happy when people get in touch about our music or anything else! The best way to do that is through our website and socials

What does the term Produced By a Girl mean to you?

The whole creative and production process in music is traditionally heavily male-centric. It’s both refreshing and encouraging to see the emergence of more women producing and engineering recordings rather than just performing.

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