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Currently Listening to Kelley Cole “Fantasy”

Artist Spotlight on Alternative Pop Rising Indie artist, Kelley Cole, @thekelleycole Her fresh take on edm punk rock and alternative all mixed into one firestorm of emotion is new and refreshing. We’re so excited to see what she comes up with next!! 🎶🎶🎵✨Kelley Cole is energized by the dark, gritty, and dramatic imaginations of everyday life. Hailing from Nashville Tennessee, she writes, performs, and produces her stories from a place of intense urgency, always placing intentional sentiment at the center of her work. She prides herself with exploring the thinning lines of genre, by strolling between the tendencies of dark pop, alternative, and pop rock, but most of all, she longs to reach all who never feel like they belong.

Ms. Cole explores the topics of infatuation, independence and transformation, in a captivating modern voice. Blessed with naivety and cursed by its lessons, she writes of the 20-something experience with all of its electric emotions and primitive spirit.

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